Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Ultimate List of CRE Tech Tools & Resources


CRM (customer relationship management)

REthink logo

REthink is a program used to track people, companies, properties and spaces, but also serves as a deal management solution to help guide brokers through each stage of a deal. There are features designed for everyone in the business of CRE.

Visit their site for more information https://rethinkcrm.com

apto logo

Apto is software developed to give brokers the tools needed for CRM, deal management and back-office operations. Apto streamlines the entire lifecycle of a deal.

Visit their website to learn more https://www.apto.com

Lease Management

RDM Logo

Real Data Management (RDM) helps real estate professionals to market, manage and lease their portfolios. They provide software for the CRE industry. 

Find out more by calling 1-877-RDM-0011 or by visiting their website at http://www.rdm1.com

Hightower Logo

Hightower was founded in 2013 as a leasing management platform to help landlords and brokers increase visibility, save time, and reach more tenants. Many real estate executives use Hightower for real time leasing analytics and a view into the performance of their portfolios, all in real time.

Check out their website for more info https://gethightower.com


Floored logo

Based in New York City, Floored is a company that creates interactive 3D graphics and technology for the commercial, residential, industrial, hospitality, and retail real estate industries. 

Floored has recently been acquired by CBRE.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.floored.com 


Property Capsule is a cloud based app that updates all of your platforms from one location. Upload all of your information to one place. All your materials – plans, maps, photos, property characteristics, ect.

Visit their website to get a full detailed description http://propertycapsule.com 

Property Management


Property Matrix is a property management portal that has many features some of which include: online payments, check scanning, check printing, customizable fields, comprehensive document management, communications hub, websites, tenant portals, and much more.

Check out a demo on their website https://www.propertymatrix.com

appfolio logo

AppFolio is a cloud-based property management software for residential, commercial, apartment, student housing, and HOA property managers. It is complete with accounting and property management functionality. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, AppFolio is an easy-to-use software for small and mid-sized businesses.

See all of their capabilities by visiting their website at https://www.appfolio.com